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Let Colin Dunkerley - better known as The iPad Man guide you to more efficient use of your wonderful Apple devices.

In this 60 minute lesson you will learn:

  • How to make your iPad & iPhone easier to see and read.
  • How to make the text bolder and larger
  • How to make ads magically disappear
  • How to use the dictionary to find the meaning of any word with just one touch
  • How to make better use of Siri
  • How to become so much more efficient by dictating rather than typing

Plus much more...


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About The iPad Man

Since 2012 Colin Dunkerley, known to his customers as The iPad Man - has helped more than 20,000 seniors learn how to use the iPad. Colin is a natural born educator. He has a rich background of computer experience and is Australia's number one expert in iPad & iPhone.

He has a sensitivity awareness of each person's needs and responds appropriately to their questions. His lesson delivery is concise, practical, inclusive, informative and very easily understood.