Dealing with Spam Emails

The best tips and advice to reduce spam and avoid being scammed.

3 Critical Spam Email Mistakes You Should Never Make

It’s no surprise that so many people are struggling with spam emails. The sheer volume of them sent is staggering and fortunately most of them are quickly identifiable as spam. But in amongst those obvious scam emails are very well made deceitful emails that look totally genuine. Do the wrong thing and you could see money disappear.

Not all Spam emails are created equal.

Over the top, clearly misleading spam is easy to ignore. You have to be incredibly unlucky to fall for any of these type of email scams.

But the fact is according to the ACCC in 2020 "Scammers capitalise on pandemic as Australians lose record $851 million to scams". That is a huge amount of money lost and what is worse about these numbers is that over 65s were the number one losers with approx $37.5 million dollars lost to scammers.

Let’s look at the most common mistakes over 65s make when dealing with spam emails…

Mistake #1: Treating Email Newsletters Like Junk Mail in Your Letterbox

At first this seems like a very obvious thing to do but sending email newsletters to the junk mail folder can make it much harder for the systems designed to protect you to do their job.

The Fix: Don't be lazy. If you signed up for an email newsletter unsubscribe from it, don't send not to junk.

The problem can be identifying if the email is legitimately from the company or is it a well made scam version.

Mistake #2: Fear of Missing Out

If one good thing came out of the internet it was our ability to find the best deal on anything we want. Unfortunately some part of our human nature has us always wanting to know about the best price.

Right now we are receiving too much information . Our fear of missing out on a special has our email inboxes overflowing with mostly useless information and offers.

The Fix: It's time to take a stand! you must start unsubscribing from these emails drowning your inbox. Special will always be available.

Mistake #3: Unsubscribing from Something You Never Subscribed to

Curiosity killed the cat. Humans are no different. Curiosity is great bait for attracting attention and getting clicks. While not required to make a headline great, it will definitely help your cause when used properly.

The Fix: Do not unsubscribe from something you never subscribed to.

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Dealing with Spam Emails

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